Technology Training Division

Elert & Associates Technology Training provides a wide range of services to meet the unique needs of every learner and organization. Over the past twenty-plus years, we’ve helped hundreds of organizations with their technology training needs.

Our goal is not just to teach learners how to use a piece of software, but to help them apply new software skills to their own day-to-day tasks. Using a software application shouldn’t be a task in and of itself. With the proper foundation of skills, software should simply be the tool you use to complete your tasks more efficiently and confidently.

Look to Elert & Associates for:

  • Instructor-led software training in a virtual classroom on the Internet or on site at your location
  • Efficient, topic-specific 90 Minute Workouts® on Microsoft Office products and many other common applications
  • Customized courses to meet the distinct needs of your organization and learners
  • Quality courseware that is effective both as an in-class reference and a follow-up tool
  • Custom-built training programs, user manuals, and other materials

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