Student Loan Finance Corporation – Telecommunications Portfolio

Project Profile: Student Loan Finance Corporation

Student Loan Finance Corporation is a secondary market for student loans, providing liquidity for financial institutions and low default rates for higher educational institutions.

Located in Aberdeen, South Dakota, SLFC works closely with students, their lenders, and their schools to alleviate education loan setbacks.

Elert & Associates was first retained by SLFC in 1990 and has performed many projects over the years. For the most recent project, E&A assisted SLFC with their call information system, which serves over 40 customer service representatives within their call center.

One application of this system provides agents with information regarding other callers while they are on the telephone with a current caller.

For example, if a caller who is past due comes into the system, the agent is notified so they can make a decision to terminate the call they are currently on and take the next call. Other applications include the ability to view loan balances and payment status.

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