Security Systems

Physical Security Design and Engineering
Elert & Associates provides complete system design and engineering services for new construction projects, existing system upgrades, and system replacements. Our
designers are well versed in the latest system offerings and technologies and have extensive experience designing systems for all types of projects, from single floor
tenant build-outs to large multi-site enterprise systems.

Not only do we prepare engineered system construction drawings and specifications, but we also work closely with the client and other design team members to define
and coordinate system infrastructure requirements, thus ensuring all necessary items are in place for a smooth and successful system installation.

Physical Security System Procurement
Elert & Associates assists in the procurement process to ensure that the systems purchased not only meet the functional and technical requirements but represent the
best value for the client.

Physical Security Construction Administration
Elert & Associates plays a key role in the system implementation process by providing project management and coordination between the client, project team, and security
integrator. Our engineers ensure that systems are installed in accordance with contract documents to the highest industry standards.