Security Assessments

E&A’s security assessment surveys identify all costs and provide a crucial cost/benefit analysis showing (where possible) how the risk prevention can outweigh the associated costs.

A security survey and risk assessment

  • Analyzes current security profile.
  • Identifies areas where more (or less) security is needed.
  • Develops cost justification.
  • Increases security awareness.

A risk analysis helps to determine threats and understand the consequences. The goal is to…

  • Identify assets in need of protection.
  • Identify risks.
  • Determine probability of risk occurrences.
  • Determine the impact of an identified loss.

Vulnerability Assessments detect vulnerabilities and arrive at the appropriate level of security to protect assets from specific adversaries.

All Hazards Mitigation Planning is a format the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends for developing emergency operations plans. E&A can assist in developing the organization’s standard operating procedures (SOPs), processes, policies, assumptions, activation, implementation, and lines of authority.

E&A is available to develop your entire plan or assist with a specific functional area of an existing plan. Our personnel are experienced planners, able to conduct and coordinate tabletop training exercises and full-scale training drills.

Continuity of Operations Planning outlines the steps that a governmental unit will follow in the event that a disaster (man-made or natural) disrupts the business.