Public Safety

Public safety technology is advancing faster than ever. Evaluating and managing advances in 911, IP-based telephony, radio, call center design, computer aided dispatch, records management systems, and mobile applications can be overwhelming. This coupled with tight budgets and even tighter time availability means there is no room for errors. Your staff needs up-to-date technology to take care of their business safely and quickly the first time.

Elert & Associates has assembled a team of professionals with decades of expertise in both public safety operations and public safety technology. E&A’s consultants provide our client partners with a wide range of services, including evaluations, business process reviews, current system assessments, bid development, purchasing evaluations, and project management.

Our consultants pull all of this together and create a plan that works by listening, discussing options, sharing knowledge, reaching a consensus, and then creating a design with budgetary costs – moving forward with you as a partner. Since 1984, we’ve helped hundreds of organizations like yours with their technology.

Elert & Associates will provide unbiased answers to make informed decisions about your public safety needs. Our team is ready to help. Our consultants are unbiased, and our services are vendor- and manufacturer-independent, allowing for an honest and open procurement process via a Request for Bid (RFB) or Request for Proposal (RFP).

Elert & Associates’ Public Safely Division can be broken out into following areas:

Land Mobile Radio

  • Conventional, simulcast, and trunked radio systems (analog and P25)
  • Interoperability planning
  • Wireless propagation (coverage) modeling
  • Microwave systems and fiber networks
  • Complete project management
  • Recorder/logger systems


  • Computer-aided dispatch systems
  • Records management systems
  • Complete project management
  • Jail


  • Next generation phone systems
  • 911 consolidation
  • Virtual consolidation
  • ESInet
  • Complete project management

Facilities/Operations PSAP/EOC

  • Dispatch center and emergency operations center design
  • Dispatch consolidation planning
  • Shared services governance planning and cost allocation modeling
  • Complete project management
  • Virtual consolidation
  • Staffing

Mobile Data 3G/4G/FirstNet

  • Mobile data systems and AVL
  • Technology integration of wireless broadband
  • Wireless propagation (coverage) modeling
  • Microwave systems and fiber networks
  • Complete project management

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