Projects Portfolio

Since 1984, Elert & Associates has been a trusted IT consultant to numerous municipalities, government agencies, schools, and businesses. Each contained their own individual problems for which we provided unique and distinct solutions. We understand that no two problems are the same, and though there may be similarities, each of our clients received a custom and in-depth analysis of their business. This is to ensure that nothing is overlooked or forgotten, leaving our clients satisfied and happy they chose Elert & Associates for their IT consulting needs.

Areas We’ve Provided Our Technical Expertise

Elert & Associates strives endlessly to be the leading technology experts in our industry. We make the greatest efforts to both educate our clients, and even after a project is completed, act as an unbiased supplement to their in-house team. This leaves our clients feeling safe and secure in the fact that if any problems were to arise in the future, Elert & Associates is there to help out in any way possible. Our diverse staff of expert technology consultants are on hand and ready to share their knowledge and experience whenever called upon or needed.

All of our previously completed projects fall under at least 1 of 7 areas of technical expertise which we provide. Listed below are those 7 areas, with a brief explanation of what in general those entail. You can click on any of the areas listed to be shown the exact projects Elert & Associates has completed which will provide details on each individual project.

Security: Elert & Associates focuses on two primary fields of security, security & risk assessment and physical security design & engineering.

A security & risk assessment is completed to determine what an organizations overall risks, threats, and vulnerabilities are. We will also review policies, procedures, personnel, and equipment so that we can properly develop a comprehensive security program along with complimenting supporting systems. You have to know what threats exist in order to mitigate the damage they can cause.

Physical security design & engineering is offered to help plan for upcoming construction projects, existing system upgrades, and system replacements. It is not enough to simply know the threats an organization faces. You must also be able to deter, detect, and identify these threats as they occur. Knowledge is power, but only if you use it.

Networks & Wireless: When dealing with various communication devices, it is critical to ensure that they all work in conjunction with one another. This is heavily reliant upon properly configured wired and wireless networks. The creation of a communicative technology infrastructure, being as important as it is, should only be designed by an experienced, knowledgeable, and trusted networking professional. You can have the most complex and robust infrastructure in place, but if it is not reliable, in the end it is worth nothing.

Public Safety: More than ever, the technology used for public safety has been advancing by leaps and bounds. When that is coupled with the fact that public safety personnel need to do their job quickly, and safely, there is literally no room for error. Public safety encompasses an ever growing field, and Elert & Associates has witnessed its progression advance over the past 30 years. This makes us more than adept at handling any number of issues ranging from land mobile radios and CAD/RMS systems, to next generation 911 and mobile data systems. We also have helped in the design of emergency dispatch and operation centers.

Audiovisual & Multimedia: Whether your organization is in need of a virtual training room, an A-class sound or multimedia system, we are able to work hand in hand with clients to create cost effective and easy to use control interfaces for audiovisual & multimedia systems. When it comes to professional presentations, courtroom hearings, seminars, educational classes, and training rooms, you need both sight and sound to work seamlessly together. Because what good is something you see if you can’t hear when the two are supposed to complement each other.

Telecommunications & Unified Communications: Technology of any sort is unique in that it advances faster as newer technologies are created. Many new devices are being used every day causing it to become increasingly difficult to keep up with the times. This point is extremely apt when discussing telecommunications & unified communications. It was much easier when the most technical aspect dealt with simple telephones. But today, you have to be concerned with various cell phone types, different email systems, IM/chat, as well as video options. Ensuring that all of these can work together smoothly is no easy task, and nowadays, that is exactly what these devices and systems have to do for an organization to operate as efficiently as possible.

Cabling Infrastructure: When dealing with network architecture, the cabling infrastructure used is literally the foundation which everything else is built upon. This means the utmost care needs to be taken so that the infrastructure implemented is reliable, scalable, flexible, and most important of all, manageable. You can have the most beautiful home in the world, but it does no one any good if it is liable to topple over on a whim because its foundation is less than sturdy.

Data Centers: Data center design should only be handled by those who are qualified and experienced. There are numerous hidden dangers that can go unseen, and for an organization, the last problem anyone would care to face is an inhibiting issue with their data center, or worse yet, complete failure. A few of the potential problems that must be confronted include: cabling infrastructure, power supply, cooling, design for equipment layout, fire suppression, management controls, and security.