Elert & Associates Approach & Methodology

Our approach or methodology for each project is in line with industry standards. This approach, a product of our years of experience, starts with the planning effort, results in an accurately defined project scope and specifications, and ends with a quality installation and commissioned final project.

Common Stages

We provide end-to-end services for our clients to bring them the best possible value in every aspect of their project. The following is a list of the most common stages of our typical projects:

  • Facilitate an initial project planning meeting to understand the project scope and client’s expectations
  • Facilitate a project programming session, to define specific systems based on client/stakeholder requirements and needs
  • Create a Program Document and Assessment Report that documents and identifies the client’s specific needs, scope of work, and project direction
  • Review the Program Document with the client to confirm accuracy and sign off on our understanding of the project needs
  • Develop a schematic design with budget expectations
  • Create a detailed design for the agreed-upon schematic design
  • Develop necessary construction documents
  • Release the request for proposal package
  • Facilitate the proposal meeting
  • Review and evaluate the proposal responses
  • Review and provide the owner with award recommendation
  • Facilitate a project kick-off meeting to set levels of expectation for contractors
  • Conduct routine observation visits during construction
  • Review all contractor submittals
  • Conduct final inspection of project to ensure completion
  • Review contractor’s as-built drawings and test results
  • Commission the project to ensure handoff to owner from contractor