Johnson County, IA Emergency Communications Center – Public Safety Portfolio

Project Profile: Joint Emergency Communications Center Johnson County, IA

Elert & Associates was selected by the Joint Emergency Communications Center to develop a design for replacement of a county-wide 800 MHz trunked radio system and design of the technology for a new consolidated dispatch center and emergency operations center.

The EOC incorporates both flat-floor areas for table clusters and curved/tiered seating rows for optimal sightlines for support personnel. Three high-definition projectors are used along with seven wall-mounted monitors for sharing information and presentations. The EOC is tied into the audiovisual system in two conference rooms and the dispatch center using fiber optic cabling for high-definition signal transmission.

E&A’s design for the dispatch center included the dispatch consoles, equipment, and furniture layouts. Eight wall-mounted monitors provide messaging, Internet, and security feeds to the call-takers and dispatchers, who also have four or six monitors on their consoles (respectively).

There are seven trunked radio tower sites, including the tower adjacent to the JECC building. E&A also developed an interoperability plan with all of Johnson County’s neighbors, who were still using VHF radio systems.

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