Dave Kaun

Dave came to Elert & Associates with a varied background in communications, multimedia, distance education, networking, broadcasting, and IT management. At the University of Wisconsin-Stout, he was Director of Telecommunications and Networking while providing consulting to other distance education consortiums. Prior to that position, Dave was Director of Engineering for the broadcast television unit on the campus and project director for the all-campus telecommunications upgrade in 1985 (telegraph cable to every dorm room).

Dave’s experience in communications industry technology spans more than 40 years, with expertise in both wired and wireless systems. He holds an FCC General Radiotelephone License, an FCC Amateur Extra Class Radio License, a Masters degree in Management, and both Bachelors and Associate degrees in Communications and Electronics. Today, Dave serves as the Chief Technology Officer of Elert & Associates, where he offers management, knowledge, advice, and experience to projects.

Dave and his wife keep finding creative ways to visit their sons’ families and grandchildren in Hawaii and Alabama.