City of Brooklyn Park City Council Chambers – Audiovisual & Multimedia Portfolio

Project Profile: City of Brooklyn Park City Council Chambers & Broadcasting

Elert & Associates’ Joshua Peterson & Will Craig met with the City of Brooklyn Park stakeholders to identify the goals and requirements involved with the audiovisual renovations to Council Chambers, Broadcast Control Room, and Lampi Conference Room, functioning as a dividable multi-purpose conference room with the ability to record and broadcast informal meetings for public record in the same way the Council Chambers functions.

E&A worked closely with Northwest Community Television Commission for broadcast equipment standards and requirements to maximize volunteer efficiency and comfort levels with systems around the northwestern suburbs surrounding Minneapolis, MN.

Full recording and broadcast capabilities are available from both the formal Council Chambers and the informal Lampi Conference Room. Maximizing functionality and resources, a single Broadcast Control Room supports both rooms – the Council Chambers and Lampi Conference Room – for recording and broadcasting of public record meetings.

Reflecting the trend towards remote participation, both the Council Chambers and the Lampi Conference Room were outfitted with audio teleconferencing capabilities.  Council Members have the ability to add telephone calls to full scale council meetings. Additionally, the systems were designed to accept software video conferencing platforms with minimal equipment additions, as video communications becomes more relevant to City business.

A request to speak indicator system was developed for the City Mayor, promoting a more cohesive meeting flow and increasing efficiency. Each Council Member position is outfitted with a keypad providing microphone controls and request to speak functions.

Lobby displays provide audio and video support for large meetings requiring overflow audiovisual support.  Additionally, these same displays are connected to a building digital signage and cable television service for use during regular business hours.

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