Bridgeport Emergency Communications Center – Public Safety Portfolio

Project Profile: Emergency Communications Center Bridgeport, CT

The City of Bridgeport tasked Elert & Associates with designing a multi-faceted public safety technology implementation project.

Included was the design for a new regional emergency management center, complete with an emergency operations center, multimedia/radio room, conference room, and dispatch center.

The EOC was designed with dual projection screens and additional monitors to provide access to multiple media types in an emergency. A six-pod furniture layout was coordinated to minimize response time through close proximity and collaboration with easy access to the entire group.

From the start of the project, E&A worked with the end users to design a data center layout that provided necessary maneuverability and access to critical equipment. E&A worked closely with the City of Bridgeport to reconfigure the radio systems for the entire county, adding two new antennas in the process. New bandwidth licenses were also coordinated.

Regional interoperability was enhanced through the aforementioned EOC building, a new CAD system, and an upgraded mobile data system. E&A designed and specified the structured cabling and telephone system throughout the project.

All data and network electronics were upgraded along with a wireless scheme designed to provide convenient and reliable Internet to workers in an emergency scenario.

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