How We Work

We believe that placing our consultants in a close working environment where they can quickly exchange ideas, concepts, and knowledge provides the greatest gain for the entire staff. Cross training between the various disciplines, both formally and informally, has created a team of professionals who are familiar with each other’s thoughts and approach. As a result, there is no division between technicians, consultants, and project managers.

An added benefit to how we do business is the way Elert & Associates’ staff engages the client in a team approach and in a way that takes the clients’ desires under total advisement. We impart our gathered knowledge and findings to offer our clients a greater understanding of the technological aspects of the project.

Our consultants work directly for and on behalf of our clients, and each has the backing of the full E&A team. For added quality assurance, management reviews each project internally through weekly meetings.


When you engage Elert & Associates (E&A) Technology Consultants, you get several important benefits:

  • In all our designs, Elert & Associates takes into account the client’s unique technology needs and constraints. Our intent is to help obtain flexible systems that will be able to grow with the needs of users.
  • Since we are vendor neutral, all of Elert & Associates’ written specifications allow multiple vendors to respond, thus increasing the chances of getting the lowest cost.
  • To allow the highest possible level of compatibility, Elert & Associates designs systems to the industry standards articulated by recognized standards-setting groups such as the IEEE, TIA/EIA, and ITU.
  • E&A’s large staff supplies the resources necessary to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.
  • Our electrical and professional engineers provide the expertise to maintain rigorous design and installation quality control.
  • E&A’s evaluation methodology comparing hosted and on-premise solutions is unequaled in the industry. In fact, Qwest’s consultant liaison program utilized Elert & Associates’ evaluation criteria to train other consultants on the procedure to conduct a proper financial analysis comparing the two technologies.