Audiovisual & Multimedia

While many of the exciting A/V concepts that are seen in films and on TV are just cool sci-fi movie effects, some elements of these visions are already a reality and are being incorporated into Elert & Associates’ designs.

Our A/V staff is constantly learning and training on the latest technologies so that when they become practical to bring into projects, we’re up to speed and ready for the challenge. At any given time, you’ll find E&A’s A/V designers working on:

  • Active Learning (TEAL) Classrooms
  • Simulation settings for nursing, dental, law enforcement, and pharmacological environments
  • Room presentation systems
  • Courtroom technologies
  • Emergency operations centers
  • IP Video
  • Sound reinforcement for theaters and lecture halls
  • Cinema
  • Casino A/V applications
  • Sound reinforcement and video for sports venues
  • Background and foreground music systems
  • Video conferencing
  • Speech privacy systems
  • Military installations
  • Houses of worship
  • Distributed paging systems
  • Classroom multimedia systems

The ultimate intent of a multimedia technology design is to deliver content seamlessly and cost-effectively with easy-to-use control interfaces.

In order to achieve this goal, we work closely with project architects and – in particular – the end users to successfully incorporate the A/V design into the new or existing spaces.

Our A/V team prides itself on being independent of vendor and manufacturer affiliation.

We sell no products.  That factor assures our clients that the products specified in our designs are the best for the intended application.