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Active Shooter Response

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For many of us, the first instinct, and possibly the first action step in our organization’s Emergency Action Plan is to call 9-1-1. But, is it always the right move when seconds count? In an FBI study of active shooter incidents between 2000 and 2013, the FBI found that the incident was over before first responders arrived on the scene in 60 percent of the cases. This means that campus administrators and personnel may be responsible for a school or campus’s response to an active shooter scenario not only initially, but throughout the incident. The Department of Homeland Security determined in 2013 that the average length of an active shooter event at a school is 12.5 minutes.

Best practices now indicate that administrators and teachers should use those initial seconds to evacuate students who can be safely evacuated and lockdown and hide those students who cannot safely evacuate. Administrators and teachers who can do so safely should call 9-1-1 once the campus’s emergency response has been initiated.

Elert & Associates provides active shooter response training that will assist in establishing proper procedures during an active shooter event. The training can include drills and exercises designed to help staff members understand their roles and the critical decisions and actions that must be taken immediately in an active shooter situation.

E&A also works with schools to assess security preparedness overall, with the primary goals of deterring and preventing potential methods of attack, including active shooter events. E&A can also help assess, develop, or revise emergency action plans so they reflect current best practices in critical emergency situations. Please contact us at 651-430-2772 or at gary.elert@elert.com for further information concerning our emergency preparedness and emergency response services and training.

Author Mindy Sitton-Education and Policy Consultant at Elert & Associates